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Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan

A retirement savings plan designed for a group of employees (30+) for their retirement through pretax deductions. We offer many investment options.

Dalla Rosa Financial Group RRSPs
Employee loyalty is essential in today’s labour market. By setting up a Group RRSP program, you can give your staff a valuable and desirable benefit, and enhance your reputation as a leading, progressive employer.

Given a Minimum Asset size there are No charges for set-up or maintenance

The Group RRSP is structured so that you incur no charges for the set-up or the ongoing operation of the plan. Also, you are not obligated to fund the plan - unlike pension plans, which are governed by pension legislation.

You can support your organizational goals and employee incentive philosophy through the plan. For example, both the employer and employees can make contributions.

Time savings
You won't have to answer questions from your employees about their Dalla Rosa Financial Group RRSPs - that's our job. We provide Group RRSP Customer Service Representatives who can deal with all employee inquiries and transactions.

Easy administration
With our record-keeping system and expert administrative staff, there will be minimal duties on your part. Other than remitting and tracking payroll contributions on a regular basis, we do most of the paperwork for you.

Employee benefits
A Dalla Rosa Financial Group RRSP helps employees prepare for their future financial security by providing:

  • Access to wide variety of investment options
  • Knowledgeable investment advice
  • Informative and educational seminars.
  • Low minimum contribution levels
  • Simple regular payroll deduction
  • An opportunity to consolidate all RRSP assets into one account
  • The ability for employees to transfer or take the plan with them should their employment situation change

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Group Health and Dental Plans

Dalla Rosa Financial has exclusive contracts with major Third Party Administrators (TPA’s ) giving our clients:

  • Significant underwriting blocks with all of Canada’s major insurers
  • Consolidated Statements
  • All Insurers, All Benefits . . . One System
  • Clients using online services from coast-to-coast
  • One enrolment form for all insurers
  • Significant savings through our buying power and our internal administration
  • 2½ decades of working with public and private sector clients ranging from 3 to 3,500 employees.
  • 1,550 clients in 8 provinces
  • 105,000 employees covered
  • $160 million in annual premium
  • 34 Affiliate Offices across Canada
  • 80 staff in 4 offices including 21 licensed staff in senior and account management and client services
  • TPA Agreements with 17/19 Insurers
  • 25 years in Administering Benefit Plans
  • Process Audits by KPMG
  • Large Public Sector Administrator
  • 128 bit encryption to workstation level
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption Plans approved by insurers
  • Approved Administrator for 17 of Canada’s 19 Group Insurers

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Visit us at www.GroupHealthOntario.com to find out more about the Health and Dental plans we offer.

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Private Health Services Plan

Covers all regular medical, hospital, dental and vision care expenses, as well as hair transplants, liposuction, face lift, tummy tuck and other elective surgery, laser eye surgery, and attendant care and other medically prescribed treatments and devices.

It’s company owned
The plan covers owners and employees of the company and their family members. Each plan is customized to your needs, and can start with designated employee groups, and be expanded to cover other staff as your needs change.

It’s low cost
A one time set up fee starting at $250.00, plus GST, and an administration fee equal to 10% of the amount of the claim (plus taxes).

You choose the coverage
The plan can provide reimbursement for all medical, hospital, dental and vision care expenses that either are not covered or have limited coverage under an existing plan. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Braces
  • Chinese medicine
  • Crowns
  • Insulin treatments
  • Massage therapy
  • Orthopedic shoes
  • Laser eye surgery and other elective surgery

No monthly premiums
Because this is not an insurance plan, the claims you process through the plan (plus fees and taxes) are your only costs. Payment into the plan to cover these claims is usually made at the time the claim is submitted, or can be arranged ahead of the claim submission.

No deductible
The plan covers 100% of all eligible medical expenses.

No medical qualifying
Your medical history is not a consideration in joining the plan. Pre-existing health conditions will not exclude an employee from membership.

Stand alone or Supplement your existing Plan
The plan can be used all on its own to claim eligible medical expenses as a business expense, or can be used as a top-up plan to cover expenses not eligible or not fully covered in other Group Health Plans.

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