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Expertise and Insight

Unique Tax and Investment Strategies

Our team works in collaboration with clients to clearly identify goals and develop prudent plans. Our creative solutions and professional techniques provide leading edge answers to all business investment needs.

Dalla Rosa Financial Services specializes in Group Plan Diagnostics

We understand that running a successful business means that you are faced with an array of daily challenges.

There is little time to analyze the benefit plan you’ve set for yourself and for your employees.

Nor do you have the time to ensure you are paying the least amount of tax given the ever changing corporate tax rules.

Are taxes and fees eating your profits!

Click here and contact Dalla Rosa Financial to minimize your taxes and make the most of your investment returns to optimize your financial success!

Many different strategies are available to reduce the tax a company pays, and at the same time increase the retirement of the owners and key employees.

Strong Leadership Leads To Success

T. Bryan Dalla Rosa specializes in Group Plans and in Business Owner/Key Employee personal planning. He has spent a number of years implementing Group Retirement Plans, Group Health and Dental Plans and Corporate Tax Reduction strategies. This experience has created a uniquely designed, detailed financial approach creating wealth through retention of capital and tax advantage investments.

Bryan has assisted many businesses streamline their procedures, and collaborated closely with owners in the implementation of innovative, success-oriented solutions. His strong focus on businesses has allowed him to develop keen insight into cost-cutting, employee retention and maximization of revenues.

Bryan provides clients with a deep insight into business tax savings through the implementation of corporate restructuring, RCAs, Insured Retirement Plans and Individual Pension Plans.

As a former insurance specialist at a leading Canadian insurance company, Bryan has a thorough understanding of income protection and estate preservation.

Bryan is a Certified Financial Planner and a Certified Hedge Fund Specialist.

Three Simple Steps to Business Success

STEP 1: Data Gathering and Analysis
Using a business analysis tool, we will work closely with you to assess critical areas of your business. The information you provide will allow us to conduct a comprehensive diagnostic review of your current situation and overall operation.

STEP 2: Strategic and Operational Action Plans
Next step is to develop Strategic and Operational Action Plans, where we will use our analysis to help you identify what needs to be done in your business to reach your goals.

Together we will develop action plans based directly on the challenges you face, and taking into account the key executives involved- you, your management team and your members.
The result is a structured, step-by-step strategic and operational project plan that outlines what needs to be done, when it will happen, and who is responsible for each action step.

STEP 3: Implementation and Ongoing Monitoring
We bring discipline and expertise in rolling out the specific action steps required for each challenge, and our approach to the implementation and monitoring is issue-based, work plan driven, and output oriented.

To ensure you stay on track, our On-going Monitoring and Implementation services include developing and monitoring a project work plan. Together, it will allow all of us to drive the implementation of the plans ensuring the benefits are realized. Included in the work plan is an Activity log for each individual action step, showing what has been done under each initiative. This allows us to assess the extent to which each individual task is complete.

We believe that client relationships are of critical importance, and we strive to develop long-term partnerships with our clients that are based on the trust, commitment and integrity. Thus, you will find, as we work side-by-side with you to achieve your goals, that it is our people and what they bring to the table that truly differentiates us.

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